• Secretariat of the network consists of the general coordinator , assisted by deputies and assistants in accordance with the organizational structure of the network.
  • General Secretariat headquarters in Muscat ( Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources ) / Sultanate of Oman.

Terms of reference of the Secretariat :

  • Preparing and implementing the annual plans after approval .
  • Preparing the draft agenda of the meetings of the national coordinators and the General Assembly .
  • Reporting resolutions and recommendations of the national coordinators meeting to members of the network and monitoring its implementation .
  • Preparing projects of financial and administrative regulations and organizational structure .
  • Preparing draft budget and draft annual report on network activity .
  • Design and implementation of a strategy of communication between members of the network that includes establishment of a website in the World Wide Web in the Secretariat site of the host country and prepare brochures and means of awareness and connecting to the network.
  • Communication and coordination with UNESCO, its affiliate offices in Arab countries, the Secretariat of the International Hydrological Programme and other related global and regional organizations to activate the role and functions of the network.
  • Coordination with the regional and global G-WADI networks ICIWARM.
  • Receiving the new membership applications and entrepreneurial studies proposals to present it to the Executive Council of the network.
  • Governance regular and daily network .
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