National coordinators
  • They are representatives of the members in the network (member of the Hydrological Programme Committee) + General Coordinator of the network .
  • Membership of the National Coordinator is two years and can be renewed with the approval of the National Committee for the International Hydrological Programme .
  • The National Coordinator is considered as a liaison officer for the state he represented with the Secretariat of the network and General Coordinator.
  • National Coordinators Council meets every two years, one day before meeting of the General Assembly of the network and coincides with the meeting of the General Assembly.

Terms of reference of the National Coordinators Council:

  • Election of the members of the Executive Council of the network , which consists of ( general coordinator + three deputy general coordinators + representatives of regional and international organizations) .
  • Participation with the Secretariat to develop and implement the action plan of the network.
  • Recommending to the general meeting in the action plan in collaboration with the general coordinator of the Executive Council.
  • Work as points of contact for implementation of network activities.
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